New controller curves not visible in Project view midi parts

The really like the new controller curves, but I am not sure why they do not show in the project window. Old curves that are made up of lots of events are still shown. the new ones that are continuous curves no longer are visible on top of the parts.
This is a problem for me, as I tend to use lots of CC controller curves for my orchestral intruments.
new-cc new-cc-not-visible old-cc old-cc-visible

Create a key command for “Show Used Controllers”.

I see that too, yes. I guess this would be a feature request then…

@teo, @abushnaq is referring to the display of controllers in the midi parts in the work area of the project page

Should I report this in the issue thread or will this be picked up by Steinberg?

interesting, I never added feature request and cubase 11 tags. I did not find cubase 11 tag. Did someone help me?

yes, it was I… Welcome to the forum.

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