New cool Steinberg audio interface

Dear Steinberg,

Since you’ve discontinued the amazing / stable / great-sounding MR 816 X/CSX, please understand that this was a great piece of gear which you have not promoted well enough and that’s why most likely it did not sell as well as you and us the MR 816 users expected.

RME, Apogee and Avid audio interfaces in the same league suck. They crash and they don’t sound as good.

Why don’t you make a new audio interface, 2x rack space, not 1x, which looks cooler than Avid HD and SSL Red (former Soundscape SSHDR1 which I’ve owned and loved and used extensively before Cubase has added “audio” to its arsenal). Perhaps include “Yamaha”, “HD” in its name and visual design.

And market it VERY AGGRESSIVELY this time.

I am not being sarcastic here. Avid are doing it with their so-called “HD” audio interfaces and they get away with it but I just don’t want to spend my money on it because I know it’s BS. You have very good chances if you do the right design and marketing. Avid Pro Tools is way below Cubase and Nuendo in its features and workflow and you know it. Pro Tools only became huge because of their marketing, not because of their product. We need a great new Steinberg/Yamaha interface which supports any possible surround formats today and which are expected in the next 15 years and all the previous features of 816 CSX. Invite Rupert Neve into it, for the main two preamps, for God’s sake, and add the legendary Neve name to your new interface. He will go for it, I’m sure. Or Manley - they are great people and they appreciate the highest sound quality which Steinberg is about and I’m sure they’ll go for collaborating with you, as well.

Thank you!

Alex Kharlamov