New Cpr for EWQL Symphonic Orchestra

I said I would post a link to a CPR I have made for EWQL Symphonic orchestra.

Link is above, I hope it works :wink: :mrgreen:

You will need to make some tweaks. Its set up for my Surround System and dual monitors. The project comes in at 6 gig loaded or thereabouts, and isreally designed for 64 bit.

Be sure to check out the mixer views, hopefully the expression maps & instrment presets for EWQL travel with the CPR.

thanks Zero, I’ll give it a look tomorrow been wiring now for 3 days :smiley:


Very good zerozero, it works well.
I have made a few changes and added Reverb settings as well.
Let’s see if I can upload it when I’m finished.

Per Ivar

Thought I would bump this in case anyone is interested