New Cubase 10 training bundle released

Groove3 has just released a Cubase 10 training bundle. If you are new to Cubase or looking to expand what you know about Cubase this is worth a look.
This link isn’t good. Use the one a couple of posts down.

Gateway timeout is the message i got when trying to reach the site from your link :frowning:

Looking closer I see that link was all wound up with the email they sent & promo tracking. :cry:

This should be a clean link

I bought this its very good :smiley:
Even better I used my Groove 3 cash and had two of the course already making it very reasonable,here in the UK :smiley:

Also I can recommend checking out Chris Selim Mix down Online Course,
That’s very good also,packed with content. Great so those new to Cubase (like me) or someone looking to brush up their skill set etc. :slight_smile:

Its called The Ultimate Guide to Cubase, priced at 89 US dollars. the link is below,

How come those course names are a registered trademark? Really?
Edit: Looks like they filed a trademark for the brand ‘explained’

It does seem excessive on the surface. I mean, ‘explained’ is just a common word.
But think about how you would feel if you sank a lot of time and money into producing a line of products and promoting under a given name, then someone ignorant or malicious comes along and copies design elements and produces lower quality content, or worse copies your own and resells it.

I have worked for years in Internet related businesses and this sadly happens more often than one might believe. Nevertheless, I understand where you are coming from, and how ridiculous the patent and trademark trolling and misuse have become.

On topic, I bought the courses as well, and am finding them very good quality.

Also it would seem they are registering not just the word "explained’ but the context for how that word is used - doing stuff with product name EXPLAINED It’s really not much different than blah, blah, blah FOR DUMMIES

In the future everything will be branded for 15 minutes