New Cubase 12 DAW build GPU suggestions

Greetings everyone! I would like to know if anyone can share their expertise in building a new DAW with Cubase Pro 11 or 12. My hardware thus far is as follows:
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 Aero D
CPU: Intel Core i9 12900KS 5.5GHz
RAM: 64GB Crucial 32x2
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Hard drive OS: 1 TB Samsung 980 Pro
Media drive: 2TB Samsung 980 Pro
Plugin accelerator: Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo
Power Supply: Seasonic PRIME FANLESS TX-700 Titanium
Monitors: Samsung S34J550WQR 34inch ultrawide
Monitor: 13.3 inch HD 1920x 1080 Touchscreen
The dilemma is I need a ultra low latency video card to run both monitors. Preferably low temp and quiet. I’ve tried Nvidia but they always seem to have DPC spikes. AMD users seem to have great results, anything from the RX480 580 and 590 to today’s cards. No gaming needed. I was going to use the Intel on CPU video but I need two different monitor resolutions. I want this to be the best build to last a long time without over or under buying in relation to the current hardware. Budget is not too important. This will be the last DAW I build.
Thank you for any assistance.

Whatever hardware you’ll go for, just make sure you’ll use Cubase 11 and NOT the Cubase 12 bad joke!

I’ve got both.11 and 12

I’ve always used the built-in Intel GPUs only. They have plenty of horsepower to run Cubase. My current system has two 4K monitors driven by the Intel GPU only, and runs just fine. There’s a thread elsewhere in this forum talking about that exact thing, and it came to the same conclusion.


Thanks for that confirmation. I was thinking of going that route but one of the monitors is 1920x 1080 and the other is an ultra wide 3440x1440 resolution. I don’t think it’s possible to send two different resolutions out via the Intel graphics. If that is possible then that would be great.

That should not be a problem at all, as long as you have two different video outputs on your PC.

The Gigabyte Z690 Aero D has an HDMI out and a Display Port in. I believe the DP In is for video over Thunderbolt.

You can connect a second monitor via one of the USB-C ports. Just get a USB-C to, say, DisplayPort cable. That’s what I’m doing and it works just fine.

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Can you also run two different resolutions at the same time?

I saw Intel i712700k itegrated GPU on 4K 65inch LG screen and compared picture quality when I conect thrue Nvidia GTX 980ti GPU. It looks somehow preciser resolution with Nvidia. Anyway, I dont get DPC spikes with this old GPU and like picture quality. The only thing is that boot time with instaled GPU is some second longer maybe…

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Yes, that should work

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Okay, thanks everyone for the assistance. After the build is complete this month, I’ll post my findings.

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