New Cubase 13 Media Content is missing

Hi folks

I own Cubase 12 Pro and I’m running the 60 day trial of Cubase 13 Pro. The new Loops & Samples content is not working for me. I have tried to reinstall each again and have deleted the MediaBay Server Folder as described in another post and still nothing. Each of the items in the new folders have what look like stop signs and I can’t do anything with them. See image below.

Can anyone help please?

There’s loads of threads about the mediabay having issues and Steinberg staff have recognised a problem and will be releasing an update for the Mediabay very shortly .

BUT before then make sure all the licences are correct and active in the activation center and make sure all contents have been directed correctly in the Library manager

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Try to rename the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder from the preferences folder, please.

The Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\

Apologies if I added another thread to the situation but I’ve been all over the net trying to find a solution. Nothing pointed me to any thread except where Martin kindly made a couple of suggestions which I’ve already been through and didn’t

Thanks for the responses.




I’m running Cubase on Mac OS 14.1, and I have the same problem (just noticed it, when I was looking for a beat loop). The preferences folder does not have anything for Steinberg except for “com.Steinberg.SpectraLayers.plist”

The only files related to media bay are located on /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/MediaBay/ folder, mediaclient.bundle and Steinberg Media Bay Server application.

Same problem here. There are no audio loops in the medially.
AND… Retrologue is als missing presets.

STEINBERG, when wille you solve this problem???

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I just want to let anyone know that may be having the same issue that it was a restriction of the trial. I upgraded and now I have all the content.

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Really! I brought the pro version and have over half the loops and samples missing.:cry:

The Cubase 13 Pro trial version is supposed to be strictly the same as the retail version so I’m not sure about that.

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All i can say is that once I finished the trial and upgraded to 13 Pro all content showed up. From that i had assumed that there was, in fact a restriction with the trial.
Hope you get your issues resolved.