new cubase 7 install from download


new imac here. do i download the 7.0.2 full installer first? install and then add the 7.0.6 update?

thats what i think i am reading on the website


Yes, that should work just fine.

You can download 7.0.5 and then update to 7.0.6

thank guys’

this is so frustrating, spend an hour downloind and everytime it says part 2 is missing and i cant install it

the 7.05 says its a DVD image and the imac doesnt have a DVD player anymore so can i still download the 7.0.5 and just run it??

why are the downloads hosed?


maybe you can find a virtual DVD drive software for Mac.

here is some info:

Nothing works from steinbergs download site for me

if i do 7.0.5 and the SE content it asks for the SE disc and then quite the installation, if i try and run the SE content it crashes the unarchiver

7.0.2 does not download everything and part 2 is always missing (3 times and 3 hours later of trying)

can i reload my cubase 6 and just use the 7.0.6 upgrader over that?

dead in the water here, steiny fix your site please

where in the world are you ?