New Cubase 8.5 Install: HELP! Where's the Window Background?

Did I miss something? Were people complaining about not being able to see their desktops while recording in Cubase?

I just installed 8.5, and I’m already regretting it.

How do I fix this idiocy and restore a solid background window.

OK, I see that one can re-aquire a background if one sets the window to Full. Problem is, I run a dual monitor setup and I’m not seeing a way to extend that background to my second monitor.

WTF? Did Steinberg just screw us again? And what’s up with the crappy window header? It looks like it was designed by an amateur with weird cloud like things behind all the menu items.

Did Steinberg manage to fix any of the broken crap while they were screwing up the interface?

Is making loyal customers of over a decade hate them part of a new business model?