New Cubase 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Where can I find a list of the new Cubase 9 keyboard shortcuts, meaning only the new shortcuts that were added in version 9 and not a full list of shortcuts in Cubase 9.


I’m afraid this kind of list doesn’t exist.

Sad that doesn’t make it into what’s new documentation, that’s one thing that Avid with Pro Tools gets my high praise for, it is so very helpful.

Avid Pro Tools has totally different way to handle KeyCommads. They are hard-coded. In Cubase, you can customize your KeyCommands, which could make even the settings after upgrade different.

Right, of course, I am talking more particularly about what is new rather than the actual command itself. If Steinberg has a default key command they added or something they changed like “T” that has been sync online since Cubase SX 1 in 2002 and is now defaulted to “Transport - Use Tempo Track” that is also helpful to know even though it can, of course, be changed. Just my feelings, I, of course, love Cubase and Steinberg and what they do, I just wish I didn’t have to dig quite as much as I do with updates, though I have seen progress over the years in this area, thankfully.

The most obvious KC’s in C9 for myself is the new zones folder found in the KC’s. (open right/left/bottom) I’m guessing new KC’s for the sampler and Frequency?

But you are right, there are many more new KC’s undocumented for C9.

On a side note, today I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in the Cubase KC system. Years ago yes. But today IMO it’s not being maintained very well due to numerous issues starting with mix consoles (added in C7) that created additional focus problems. The core concept of locating Cubase KC’s by first using the function by the mouse…then going to KC’s and that function will automatically appear, doesn’t always work. I’ll be glad to provide examples. To add confusion, some KC functions work only on the project page while others appear to be global working with key, drum, and sample editors.

On top of this and more importantly, there are many labeling mis-matches. Here is just one example:
Mouse over the “audition” button in the sample editor and it says “audition,” but then open key commands, type “audition” in the search, and the only result is “MIDI-audition through midi inserts/sends.” Well, in KC’s it’s now called “StartStop Preview” not “audition.” :laughing:

It’s become somewhat of a mess and as someone else pointed out, will become worse without more attention or a big overhaul.

I completely agree with you, there are several things that don’t match the names that are found in the keyboard shortcuts and to provide consistency with things that will work only in the mix window when they could just as easily apply to the project window like track show types I have had Keyboard Maestro intervene and check which window is active open the mix window and then move me back to the project window or whatever other editor I was in else if mixer is open stay there.

I would love for Steinberg to focus on two things in the next release the keyboard shortcuts by improving the Macro editor (with pause command) and smart tool style offline automation, those two things would make me very happy.

I have tried very much to keep all the default commands that Steinberg uses when adding my own. If it is of any help to anyone I have uploaded the Cubase commands for Cubase 9 though it takes a lot of parsing to see what commands have changed and doesn’t show all the commands that were added in a nice list.
Cubase Skillet Commands.jpg
Cubase 9 Commands.png