New Cubase AI 9.5 update/registration help

As an owner of Artist 8.5 (not upgraded yet due to lack of funds for time being), I got all the emails about the new 9.5 Cubase today. Found out that the AI version 9.5 was also avail via the Download Assistant since I also have the AI 9 installed via my CMC controller pads. I downloaded all 5.9gb and installed, chose check for updates at option box, found all the things it would update in my system. All seemed fine. Finished no problem, showed me what had been updated in plugins and content along with the new 9.5 install complete. So when I try to open, it doesn’t recognize the previously working elicenser and AI 9 auth code to let me in. I tried a few things and didn’t seem to fly. I don’t want to reauthorize my elicenser and have something go wrong with all my content and codes.
Should I just wait for the official update to come out since I’ve never had an issue with updates before… or, is there an issue with AI 9.5 maybe why not just an update option when open v9? Or, is there a simple copy paste code fix that I’m not aware of from My Steinberg acct?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same problems. I downloaded the version of Cubase AI 9.5 (Using Steinberg Download Assistant).
But I do not know how to register and pay. I have a license for Cubase 9.5 and Cubase AI9. In theory, I have to pay around 10 euros for an upgrade. But how to do that? Nowhere is there information.

There is no pay option for AI as it’s only offered with hardware, not for individual sale. But in past, I’ve received upgrade offers in My Steinberg acct from 8 to 9, or auto update when logged in to Cubase AI if I recall the last update from 9 to 9.03 or was it 9.0.30 ?
Hopefully the answer to both our questions will be addressed soon. Sure it will.

Oops, forgot to quote reply above.

I also received an offer to upgrade from 8.5 to 9.0.30.
I somewhere saw that the upgrade costs 9.99 bucks. I hope it will be the same with version 9.5.

I’m sure it will, or less since technically it’s the same version still. I’m thinking since AI is the limited version and featured software for hardware customers, it should be free for same version updates, imo. Now when 10 comes out… I understand another $9.99 for AI owners to come current. That’s how I see it at least.

Looks like I’ve fallen into the same hole here.
Had a a new ur12 that I installed and successfully upgraded to cubase 9.5 on a mac, so I tried the same on a windows with a ur44 mk2 only registered in July, so I’d hoped it would be eligible; apparently not.