New CUBASE background images

8 somewhat different Cubase-theme desktop backgrounds from Tommy Dee. These are even simpler than the ones quite some time ago.

Here are two samples:

The complete ZIP-file with all the BG’s (png-format) can be downloaded here:

There are 4 images for 19201200 resolution and the same 4 for 19201080 res. Sorry - off-topic - but I hope you like them.


Cheers, I like em :slight_smile:
Mind if I play around a little combining some elements of other wallpapers?

No, not at all! Please share them here later. Would be nice to see 'em.

There are some white artifacts around the cubase text for some reason. They’re so tiny you don’t even see them in the thumbnail you posted, but when zoomed fully you can see them. I can get rid of the most obvious ones myself with some work, but some of them are covering the red shade etc, and hard to mask.
Any idea if they’re easier for you to get rid of using the original file? (I was using the fully black 1920x1200, not checked the others yet.)

Nice one, I’ve got this one laying around.


Aloha Tommy,

Glad to see you are back to doing and sharing these again.
Looks like you are feeling better.
Hope so.

Sending much Aloha and Mahalo for the pics.