New Cubase Patch Scripts for Roland Gear

For those of you who use either the Roland FA series or an Integra 7 with Cubase. I have created new Cubase patch script files for these devices.

These files different from the other script files I have seen, as these are sorted by Instrument type, instead of Sound type. For example, each category (Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Piano, Bell/Mallet, Brass etc. etc) has its own category, with subcategories for GM2, Supernatural Synth, PCM, etc. This makes it easier to find the sound you may be looking for. The files are in text format (not .xml) so that they are easy to modify.

The files are posted below

Hope they help someone out.
Cubase Patch Files Roland (90.2 KB)

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Hi Husker,

I’m a new user of Cubase and Roland FA-08 and I would like to know how to install your file to have access to this script please ?

Thanks !


Nice! I was hoping somebody would create this. Thank you! Cubase Pro 10 and FA-08 user here. When I try and import the scpript, Cubase wants an XML file. I assume I can’t change .txt to .xml? How can I load this?

I figured it out. Just drop the correct .txt file Husker posted above to [Local Drive letter]\Users[windows login name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\Scripts\Patchnames folder

restart cubase.
DONE! see pics

*This is for Windows 10/Cubase Pro 10. adjust as necessary


Hello and thanks for the info
Will this Patch Script work for Win 7 pro and Cubase Vs 7.5? I just purchased the FA08 and look forward to using it.
Thanks, Chuck

It should. Obviously the folder path will be slightly different

I thought it would too. It’s crazy , I copied your text file in the correct location with the other patch scripts and Cubase doesn’t see it. Also been unable to use th FA as a multi timberal synth.
Thanks for your your file

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Dear pwoehl:

Thank you for this wonderful patch script. I managed to instal it and it’s working,


I can’t figure out how to call up Drum Kits or Studio sets.

Looking at the TXT file, they seem to be handled in other modes, but I can’t see how to get the I7 into these other modes.

In case anyone else wonders how to get access to the drum kits I found the documentation here: About Patch Banks