New Cubase Purchasing Experience :(

During my 5 year experience using DAWs, I’ve never stumbled upon Cubase! Strange right?! Hint hint marketing people!

Well, now I did only by coincidence while watching a composer using Cubase, and I fell in love with it instantly, namely Cubase 10 Pro, which I purchased yesterday without a second thought.

Very happy and very excited with my purchase, but then I got really disappointed with the whole purchasing experience :frowning:

  1. Why I had to create 3 accounts? One for My Steingberg, one for my purchased software (although purchased while I was logged in) and one for this forum?!

What happened to providing a one step user-friendly online shopping and socializing experience?

This does not make any sense at all, having to create 3 accounts for ultimately the same product.Very old and outdated practice.

  1. The biggest disappointment however is that I purchased a downloadable version, and after downloading that massive 20GB+ file, I found out that can’t use it until I receive the USB flash drive that has the license! This is about a week time from the date of purchase considering where I live!

I understand that the software has to be protected, but why not at least enable new buyers to open the software as use it on a trial bases until the USB drive arrives?! Unless I’m missing something here, this is really illogical and disappointing.

I wanted to share my purchasing experience here, not as a complaint, but as a fresh feedback from a fresh Cubase customer, hoping developers will make things more logical and flexible for the glory of this intelligent brand!

The very (logical) explanation is: The software doesn t run without the key, not even th trial version.

Not without a USB eLicenser


DAWs suffered hard during the apex of pirating software - Cubase was one of them, even the elicencer would get cracked (and maybe still does).

ProTools, wasn’t much different long ago - you had to have a crappy mbox or some sh!t to use it which I believe gave them more protection against cracking but was annoying af considering mboxs would break or become incompatible with an OS or some bs.

FruityLoops was probably the most pirated, but that might have worked in their favour becoming extremely well known, marketing via pirating.

Ableton came a bit later in the pirating saga when pirating was just starting to be suppressed.

So yeah, you need a key. I’m pretty sure there’s reasons why they don’t have a time limited version - probably an element to that code can be cracked because it would rely on a clock. I think this will all change soon though with Cloud Authorization.

ya I forgot. I’ve been running with Steiny since SX3 so I couldn’t even remember.