New cubase user need new computer MAC or PC

I bought Cubase few months ago and haven’t really work on it since I had to finish an already started project on another daw.
I know Cubase 7.5 very well because our bassist have been using cubase for a long time.
He is on PC, and I’m on mac since it was the best choice for pro tools and stability.

I need to upgrade to a new computer for cubase 7.5 only. I have no preference for mac or pc
I want stability in my daw. I’m using an apollo quad with thunderbolt.


Your going to flame a Mac verus Pc war with this post .

Even thou im on PC i would say because your using the Apollo then Mac is your best option , and coming from me being a Mac hater that’s a big thing .
You need to think of the most stable for your soundcard that is important , now if you were running RME i would say PC for certain is a lot more stable than Mac but as your using a UAD then …

I also have an rme ufx, that was my audio interface before my Apollo. I haven’t try to sell it yet because I like a lot about this interface! And I must say that I never had problems on mac with it, same thing for the baby face and ucx.

Like I said I don’t really have preference but if mac is more stable with the UA apollo and with cubase, I’ll go for mac.
I just want some input from both users without waging a war of MAC vs PC.

I believe there are already several threads along this line in the hardware forum …

Good luck !