New Cubase user recording bass. (Need serious help).

Hi everyone,

I recently just started using Cubase. It came with my Tascam US-144mkII. I’ve heard great things about this software. I’ve never done direct recording. I do a lot of bass covers and I want to produce my own with a more clearer sound. My signal chain is as follows. Bass, into Sansamp Programmable Bass Driver DI, into the Tascam interface, and then from the Tascam the USB connects to my PC.

I am in the Cubase program right now, as I play on my bass I am getting a signal, I just cannot hear it. I made an audio track, I just don’t think I am aligning the proper audio inputs. I am getting quite let down right now as I just cannot seem to figure this out.

I’d appreciate any guidance. I have asked numerous friends but they seem clueless on how to help me with this!

Thank you SO much


Update 1:52A.M. I can now hear my bass through my headphones. After I try to record and go to listen back, nothing comes through my headphones. Making progress but I still need some help here everyone!

Many, thanks.


If you see a wavform on the track, be sure to turn off the monitor button after recording for playback.

Thank you

Also, make sure you have the “input/computer” knob turned all the way to “computer”.