New Cubase User - Software audio issue

I am a new user to Cubase, and have Cubase 12 AI via a license provided with my Steinberg UR22C audio interface.
I am also fairly new to DAWs in general, though have used Garage Band via ipad successfully.

I recently bought a new laptop (Windows based), partly to try and get Cubase AI 12 running on a decent computer.

My main hurdle is, when I play back the drum loops or instrument samples provided, using the laptop’s ASIO driver and output set to the laptop speakers (Realtek Audio 1 and 2), the sound quality of the loops and samples I am hearing played to me is terrible. It sounds like a gramophone broadcasting in an electrical storm (i.e. crackly). It has consistently done this since day dot.

My laptop doesn’t have issues with sound other than that, as Youtube plays back with great quality.
I have been researching this lately and tried fixing the issue by going into “Studio”/ “Studio setup”/“control panel” and changing the buffer size (small/medium/large) in case that does anything, but still same result.

Help would be greatly appreciated as I feel like I am getting nowhere fast in general with Cubase - this weekend I haven’t been able to get MIDI working yet either with my keyboard :o

My laptop specs are:
AMD Ryzen 9
1 TB
Windows 11

Thanks so much!!

How does it sound when you use the UR22C and its Steinberg Yamaha asio driver?

Hi misohoza,
The sound through the UR22C and Steinberg driver is working well.