New Cubase User


I’m a Sonar refugee that just purchased Cubase Pro after Cakewalk went under. Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

I’m an IT guy who is a simple music hobbyist. I’m the worlds’ most ungifted musician, but I do have quite a bit of fun playing around with everything. I’m also a very new hobbyist - I only purchased Sonar as my first DAW last year. 18 months ago, I didn’t know what a DAW, VST, or Midi was - I can at least make some simple recordings and route tracks now. I’m bummed about Sonar going under (I was just starting to learn my way around it), but I am excited to start in with Cubase.

One of the best things about Sonar was the extremely helpful forum, I hope that you folks are equally accommodating with a newbie. I’m very dependent on the charity of others to learn things. When I started, I had absolutely zero recording experience, which makes things difficult. I generally don’t have any issues with the technology, but I do with the terminology and methodology. So, if I ask a stupid question, please forgive me.

I grew up a piano player, so I’m really into synths and Midi. Cubase’s reputation for midi is the reason I purchased it over Studio One. Waiting on my license to come through, so in the meantime I’ll be watching Groove 3 and YouTube videos on the basics of Cubase.

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide me! Looking forward to being here.

Welcome to the forum. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Welcome husker!

You’ll find many forum members will help if you reach out. By the way, I started using Cubase after Gibson killed Opcode Studio Vision. It really is kind of ironic.

I’m also a sonar user but have been using Cubase as well for about three years.
While this forum is not as active as the sonar forums were they are very helpful.
I’ll extend my hand to help any of you and fellow sonarites along the way either in the forum or via message.

Sorry to see how Cakewalk came to an end so suddenly. It was my DAW of choice for several years and I still fire it up from time to time.

There are a few of us here who made the transition and I’m sure we’re all going to be more than willing to help!

Welcome and hope all goes well!

Good luck! Two of my family members moved from Sonar to Cubase in the last years, I think mainly because I was able to help them!

I started with Cake in 1994 & have SPlat as well. I switched to Cubase for my main daw several years ago it’s now my go-to.
Have patience, I had to unlearn Sonar but after a while it became just as conformable.
Hope it works out for you too!

Welcome, husker! I’ve been here over 15 yrs and still love Cubase, a bit like a marriage I guess, you’ve gotta take 'em warts and all :wink:!

It’s a shame yes… Even from a non Sonar user. I’m sad to see the end of Z3ta and the CA2A. Suppose it’s good news for Steinberg as more will be jumping across.

Welcome. Like most forums, there are a few grumpy troll like entities, but this place is a world of assistance all the same. And quite entertaining sometimes too.

Enjoy :sunglasses:

Welcome and good luck with the transition :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. I’m MUDGEL and I’m a new Cubase user. Of all the PC DAWs, it’s about the only one I haven’t really tried except for a brief skirmish with an LE Version years ago. But being forced to seriously look for a Sonar replacement, Cubase was the only one in the same ball park.
I’m retired from working for a living and music is about all I continue to do within the limitations of some health probs.

ive got a pretty comprehensive studio that has been in a state of flux for about 2years now and complete upheaval with the demise of Sonar and the complete breakdown of both my server and DAW PCs, all in the same time frame.Just about got it sorted out but did have to build a new FAW as per the specs in my signature.
While I could probably continue to use Sonar for years to come I just want to make a clean break and get started with something new; ie. Cubase. In all likelihood I won’t even reinstall Sonar as I know I’ll always take the easy way out and go back all the time.Without Sonar being installed I’ll be forced to learn Cubase so that it becomes second nature which I think is the better strategy.
Hope I get to make friends here like back at the Cakewalk forums where ive spent much of the last 14 years of my 25 years of Cakewalk/Sonar use. Guess we’ll see how things progress. Thanks for listening to me go on a bit hope to meet more of you as time passes.

Welcome to Cubase Land, Mike! Looks like you have a very nice DAW stup :slight_smile:!