New Cubase user

Hi Everyone :smiley:
I am a brand new user of Cubase Artist 9.5, and a forum member
So, while I am waiting on my delivery, I thought it would be a great time, to introduce myself,heh,he :smiley:

Making music for me is a hobby And I like to make all kinds of ambient music.big fan of horror and sci fi styles,but other nice stuff too,ha,ha
.All what I have learned over time is self taught.No formal studies ec.
So I have got some experience, and used a few other daw’s before. But not to a a professional musician level (would like to have been ,ha,ha)
After watching some videos,about Cubase Artist 9.5 ,I was impressed with the features of this awesome DAW.
Would like to hear from anyone about specific video tutorials about Cubase Artist 9.5 or similar. I have looked at the Cubase Youtube channel but can’t find anything to suit as yet

Thank you for your time :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Here is a nice series of Cubase (setup) for beginners. At the same Steinberg YouTube Channel, there is lots of other Cubase videos.

Have fun!

To go in depth, try the Cubase tutorials at macProVideo. There is a cost associated with these, but spending some money here may pay back in spades once you see what this DAW can really do. You can watch the first part of any of their tutorials for free. You can buy them individually for download, or subscribe in order to watch them all. They offer both monthly and annual plans, so you can pick your poison. Once you open an account, you’ll get offers for special pricing from time to time, as well.

Don’t shy away from the Cubase tutorials from earlier versions, as most of the updates just add new features and the old ones still remain. Some of the older tutorials still offer key content that isn’t covered as well in tutorials for later versions. One of my particular recommendations for what you are doing is:

Cubase 7 201 - Advanced MIDI Toolbox

This course covers the MIDI features available in Cubase comprehensively and in depth, from layering sounds to building arpeggiator sequences, and much more.

Another favorite is SWA Video:

With any software as powerful as Cubase, it will take you some time to feel like you know what you are doing. Enjoy!


Welcome to the forums. You’ll enjoy Cubase right away and more as you get past the learning curve. Be prepared for it take a little time, but, very quickly you’ll be generating some interesting sounds. The program will help you learn more about music, recording, sound design.

Put some information in your signature and it will help others answer question you no doubt will have. Good luck.

Hi Everyone

Thank you very much for all your warm welcomes!! :smiley:
Also thank you for your help and and the information too, very usefull.My Cubase Artist 9.5 package arrives tomorrow :smiley:

I will update my signature with more info,too, :smiley:

Thanks a lot rtorstrick :smiley:
I have an account at Macprovideo and also Groove 3.At both I have a collection of various tutorials from.
And have purchased the Cubase bundle deal at Groove 3.One thing I noticed, the course is showing Cubase Pro 9.5.But I am sure there are similarities between the two, but of course Artist has some less features than the Pro version.
It’s still its a great start/collection to to all things Cubase, for me to start learning, I will check out your recommendations too.

Thank you Martin, :smiley:
yes I have subscribed to the Cubase Youtube channel,certainly a lot there,just have to sit down and look through the basic videos first,hehe

Hi Stephen57
Thank you very much,As you see I have updated my signature.Just signed up to the forums yesterday,and took a few minutes to find where I can edit my signature,heh,heh :laughing:
Looking forward to using Cubase Artist 9.5,learning lots and checking out the forums too

Yes, Artist does have fewer features than the Pro version but it’s actually the same executable file so all basic functions are exactly the same.

Hi planarchist
Thanks,yes thought that would be the case,heh,heh.Just browsing some Cubase tutorials,while I am waiting on my delivery. :smiley:

Having bought the Groove 3 Cubase bundle deal,I must say there is a lot to get to grips with,but enjoying learning process :smiley:
Lots of Really cool features in Cubase,that I haven’t seen elsewhere in other DAWs before :smiley:
But then, that’s the beauty of each DAW being unique,heh,heh!

Thanks for the positive vibes. Good luck and enjoy the learning process. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,nice to see people being so helpfull :smiley: ,having experienced other Daw forums where they hated newbies
I have today got my interface colour sorted out,didn’t the style of brown colour,ha,ha
Got my Vst Plugins and paths sorted out,as well as the path for the projects off the main drive
Made a pleasant important discovery in that Cubase’s keyboard in the editor actually matches my MPK249 one.So I will know where I am when drawing in notes and things,he,he :laughing:
The chord pads are great,as is the Circle of Fifths,
Lots to learn of course,but with you nice people and the tutorials,I hope to one day have enough knowledge to help others :smiley:

Most of the time there is a flag when the feature being shown is available in the Pro version only.

Good learning.

Thanks rtorstrick

I haven’t seen any flags as yet,maybe its unique to Macprovideo,he,he.But very good tutorials,so much info to digest,lol