New Cubase user


I hope someone can clarify with the question below.

I downloaded the Elements and Cubase trials and I’'m currently 1/2 way through the Elements trial.

I took advantage of the current update16 sale (from the Cubase 4 LE I got with some hardware way back when) and I wanted to know if the Cubase 8.5 trial version I downloaded is the same as the one in my Steinberg shop account I purchased the other day or do I need to download the one from the links in the shop?

I haven’t installed the Cubase 8.5 trial yet.



That was the first version I used too! I got it with a crappy Alesis Multi-Mix before I knew anything about hardware.
Cubase changed so much since then… for the better I would say!

But as to your question, I believe that all Stienberg products trial are the same as the full version downloads.
This is at least the case for the pro edition of cubase, and halion 5, anyway.

That’s correct, if you have the trial installed then you don’t have to download anything. Just make sure you have the latest update installed.

Hi MindWeaver,

Thanks for the info, I got mine with a Presonus Firebox and it sat their for ages before I registered it a few years back. I have been meaning to get Cubase Pro and decided to with the generous offer.

I am going to run to the end of the Elements trial before installing the Pro edition.



Hi Romantique Tp,

Thanks for the info, it is good to know I don’t need to download another 9Gb+ :slight_smile: