New Cubasis Android User. Terrible audio, suspected sample rate mismatch

Hi all. I’m a long term Cubase user with plenty of experience in using audio hardware. Recently bought a Lenovo M10 tablet for dslr remote control, email etc. Tried the Cubasis demo with built in sound and bought the program since it seemed to work. Connected to a Presonus Audiobox and midi is fine, but all audio , even with largest buffer size, is nasty. Like there is sample rate mismatch. I opened the project setup but the sample rate setting in Cubasis seems to be locked to 48KHz. I work with 44.1Khz. Is there a way to change the sample rate? The Presonus has no onboard switches and there is no control utility for it that I can find for asio drivers since it is class compliant. And the tablet seems to have no sample rate setting either. Thanks, Eddie

Ok, looking into this, it seems that all Android devices use a very poor standard driver, locked to 48KHz with high latency. I tried using Audio Evolution daw on the tablet which I own but hadn’t used in years and it offered a demo of a custom audio driver. I tired it with their daw and it is excellent. Sample rate choices for me from 44.1KHz up to 96KHz, and low latency so I could actually play stuff in from onscreen keyboard etc. I bought this driver for £4.89. Bargain. The downside is that it only works with their own apps. If they would write a version to work with all android apps, it would do very well for them. Or if Steinberg got in touch with them to have a custom version for Cubasis, I’d be willing to pay £20 for it. Link to page here. Obviously you can’t try it with Cubasis but there is a demo of Audio Evolution to try it with. USB audio driver

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Cubasis for Android supports Google’s Oboe audio library and is limited to 48 kHz.

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