New Cursor Start Point.


Anyone know how I can set a new start point for the cursor while Cubase is playing? I want to assign a single key command to update the cursor start point. I don’t want the track to stop, I just want the update(capture) the current position of the cursor and have this set as the new start time or the point where the cursor snaps to when I do press stop.

*think a multitrack remote that lets you grab tape times in a memory location which you can then locate to with or with out preroll upon pressing stop.


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Couldn’t you use, “set locator” for while Cubase is running and then make a macro for stop and return to locator, wouldn’t that work?

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HI Thanks Dave.

I don’t want to change the left and right locator points, I want them to remain as set. What i want to to do is update the cursor start time while playing back. Often I am running the cursor independent of the locator points or working on material internal to a left - right locator points, which I don’t want changed.

Snapping the cursor to a locator points or regions is not an issue, nor is setting a locator while playing. Its manipulation of the cursor start point independent of these elements thats an issue.


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OK then perhaps create a marker and have the cursor return to that and then setup the macro such that it deletes the marker once it has returned to it,?? It would have to be done with a macro

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Hey there Dave,

Yeah, that is the way I have been operating, I have marker number 1 dedicated to just this task. Single button sets it and another locates to it after I press stop. I don’t bother clearing it, I just leave it until its used again.

thanks for your interest.