Please go back to how Custom colors was in 9.1, The new color schemes are DARK, DARK and more DARK, there was more flexibility in Ver. 9.1
we cannot select lighter colors in 9.5 or even change the left side menus anymore,

ALL Colors are restricted when trying to customize , Are you aware of this ???


Agree that the new way colors are setup is bad.

However you can get it to show lighter colors. Search the C9 General forum & you’ll find several workarounds. I had a light grey scheme in 9.1 and was eventually able to replicate it in 9.5.

I fully agree, that the actual setup to configure the colours is not very handy and limited.
As well the save feature failed many times.

I don’t really understand, why the good approach in CB Pro 9.0.30 had to be changed :unamused:


Please include downloadable color palettes. Cubase’s colors have always been awful. Customizing doesnt help because its hard to achieve a color palette thats nice looking and useful.

I couldn’t agree more. The default color schemes are dark and depressing and customizing is clunky.

The whole point of the changes to color customization was to make it easier to pick an usable palette. If none of the colors you tried worked for you then it might be time to adjust your monitor.

yeah of course its the fault of the monitor… geeez

No consumer grade monitor leaves the factory with perfect settings. Back in the 8/8.5 era some elements of the interface also looked a bit too dark for me until I adjusted my monitor.

In 9.5 even the darkest color preset is overall brighter than the default 8/8.5 theme.

In Cubase 9 I could chose complimentary colors for different elements, like yellow and blue, or red and green. Cubase 9.5 restricts to an eye soaring monochrome. And the solution would be to simply leave Hue bar on top of the Brightness-Saturation square fields of all the elements, like it was in v.9.

Its not the monitor. Its the fact that in order to get a decent theme going, I have to invest time and effort exploring the color options, and I´m not willing to do it :stuck_out_tongue: I would like Cubase to have theme color presets that I could just load and check out if I like, instead of spending hours fiddling with the settings to find out that I created a useless color set. Frustrating to say the least.

I also think it’s not the monitor, as I am not able to get any color scheme with light backgrounds. In cubase 9 this was just fine.
Especially the key editor now is very tiring on my not so good eyes, as I can not get enough contrast. This is the very first time I complain about any update, so for me this is serious.
I tried editing the xml file to change backgrounds, and I have the decimal color codes I want, but somehow it doesn’t change anything.
Then again, I think I shouldn’t be editing xml files for something as basic and essential as this…

Can you say HOT FIX? Sure, I knew you could, Schatziekins.

Seriously. This is the kind of bug that SB -used- to provide as a .003 or -whatever- back in the good ol’ days. Now? Admittedly the code is -mostly- better, but in their arrogance they simply refuse to fix these kinds of irritants that, while not exactly showstoppers are SERIOUSLY annoying.

New colors sucks and stock midi colors are unusable

Well, that depends on how ones sight is and photosensitivity. So Myself, I have a neurological issue that affects me via my eyes (easiest explanation).
I am sitting here trying to get a good balance on colours and intensities I need - and it’s really hard. I came over to Cubase because it is VERY configurable, just not here. So maybe you are wrong - maybe for some it IS or will be a showstopper.

(or tell me how to use the 10 digit colour values)

That’s how strongly I feel about this, as a disabled user.

I feel ya. I used to write Section 508 (ADA compliant web sites)

Cubase 9.5 is the ONLY -commercial- program of which I am aware that has such a completely numbskull colour selection (cough) ‘system’.

Yes, I’m being unbearably snarky. This bug would be unbearably embarrassing for me as a developer. I can’t believe there is no hot fix given they have the infra-structure to do so.


Has this been addressed yet? Does anybody have a link to the workaround that raino described above? I’m sticking with 8.5 until I know for sure that I can keep my light grey color scheme in 9.5.

What’s worst of all (for me)… is that, if you use a lighter scheme, you literally CANNOT SEE THE AUTOMATION LANES. They are all gray unless you move the mouse over them. Or maybe that is a ‘feature’?

I have just upgraded to 9.5. I just hate these colors. Very difficult to work with. I use Wavelab 9.5 and that has a light theme that is very good. There doesn’t seem to b much flexibility. Hope they fix it soon.

Yeah, don’t leave it to the interns to do the color coding, especially if thend to leave after half their internship …
Has anyone doublechecked this at Steinberg? It’s freakin’ dysfunctional.