New DAW builds

I am a long term cubase user and many years ago built a computer specifically for music which over the years ran Cubase SX, SX2, SX3 and finally Cubase 4. This was a very reliable machine but is sadly now very dated.

So I’m looking at building a new machine and thought I had found the components I was looking for, however I’ve become concerned with the graphics cards having read about them on here causing conflicts with Cubase 10.

My original plan was the following -

ASUS prime z490m plus motherboard
Intel i7 10700kf processor
GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card

Then the usual plenty of ram, storage, audio interface etc.

The question is, will this cause Cubase to crash as described in various posts of here with nvidia cards? And if so, any better suggestions?

Many thanks,

I run a GTX 1660 Ti With an i7 9750 CPU and have ran Cubase 10.5 Pro for a good 40-50 hours on it without a single issue. Certainly no crashes, using Komplete, V-Collection and Waves as my main plugin bundles. I also run Reaper and Maschine DAWs - both run great too.

I think the bigger issue with the Nvidia cards is in regards to driver latency. I’ve ran a few DPC Latency checkers on it before and the Nvidia drivers definitely affect the general ability of your machine to run at the lower latencies (i.e. it shows as a latent item).

I did change driver to a more efficient one when i first got the machine, but it’s probably updated itself since then as i game using it too.

However, i’m quite happy on 128/256 buffers so getting down into the very low latency (32/64 buffer) regions isn’t something i need - maybe at that point the system would struggle due to the Nvidia - not sure, sorry.

Thank you for that. That all sounds like peace of mind. I’m just a bit out of touch with computer components etc. as I haven’t built one for many years.

I have an Intel i7-8700 with Intel integrated graphics and have not had problems with Cubase 10 crashes.

I run Cubase on an Asus Rog Strix Z390 mobo using only the on board graphics of the motherboard. I run two TVs as monitors and they work great. My monitors are 49" each so the room I get is fantastic. I do not think Cubase needs a fancy graphics card. Spend your money on sound or RAM, IMO. TIp consider a 4k TV as monitor and attach it to a wall by the desk, it’s wonderland and its much cheaper than many monitors, you just need a cheap one.


I have an ASUS Rog Strix z390 and wondered if you fix the clock speed in bios? Mine seems to run ok on auto but wondered what others do. Cheers

Not my field of expertise I just leave it alone and it always works. Since about 20 versions of Cubase

I wouldn’t mess with clock speed unless you have more than adequate cooling. above adequate. Without the proper cooling, overclocking may actually make performance worse or more intermittently unstable.

I wasn’t talking of overclocking. I have an app which tells me my core temps and they rarely get above 50 even on taxing projects. Most are in 25 to 30. I was more thinking of fixing it. As it stands with the steinberg power setting the clock runs at about 4.8gig all the time. But it does fluctuate. I was thinking of fixing it at 4.8. I do have a decent cooler and am used to overclocking. My last i7 I clocked from 3.2 to 4gig which was the point it would still run totally stable. I’ll probably leave it for now as I’m not suffering any problems.