New De-esser in CP8 - any comments?

Anyone use it … want to describe how it compares to what you were using before?


I like it very much. I like how it sounds and thanks to the automatic threshold I am even able to use it after console 1.

Wonderful news!

How were you de-essing before … can you compare the two for us … sonic quality, flexibility, etc.?


I used to love UADs precission De-esser, but when I sold my UAD i owned the Waves Ren bundle and sometimes used that, but generally found the Steinberg one a little bit better.
This new on I like the most after the UAD one. I also tried the SPL ones but did not like them.

Cool. I tried the old Cubase De-esser, and found I liked either a) manually bringing down the volumes, or b) using one that I had built myself. Can’t wait to try the new one when I get CP8!

Very nice one, sounds fine. I like it. The best thing: No latency, perfect for live usage.

Hardware or software…? Why did you ‘prefer’ it over other software/hardware…?

The Cubase De-esser had its moments, but like you, I mostly resorted to manually pulling down the volumes at those points.

I will definitely be trying the ‘new’ one, in the ChannelStrip (maybe basically the same as before).

Software, just a filtered side chain comp kind of thing (e.g., vocal runs through Cubase Comp, side chain to the Comp is a high shelf cut version of the vocal). I often have a hard time dialing in the pre-CP8 Cubase one to a spot where it’s effective/but not overly powerful. The hand-built one gives me a bit more control by letting me adjust the frequency cutoff and the amount of reduction.

But really I’m kind of like you, for the final product I’ll do it by hand.

I’m liking it and it’s great that they’ve allowed us to access the whole frequency range quite like Sonnox’s Suppressor, so more than just deessing! It will prob be my go to now along with my favourite TBFIX4 by Toneboosters.