New Deesser and meter latency

Liking the new deesser but I’ve been opening some old tracks made with the previous incarnation of the Deesser and I’m sure I didn’t deess that much! :laughing: Am I imagining it or should it still load to the same setting and disregard all it’s new features? Otherwise what were Steinberg thinking and if it’s the cause could I take a copy of my old deesser, throw it in my folder and re-name the new one so they’re seperate?(Works most of the time)

Also, I’m getting about a second latency on pretty much all stock VST effects meters; EQ’s, Compressors etc… not seen anyone else comment on this so I suspect it may just be me? Any ideas what could cause it?

I just opened a new project to test and see if the buffer settings had anything to do with it with a repeating clap but no effect but I did notice with a few different processors open that the meters would stop and start intermittently…

(Yes, Posted about this in issues but more people here)