New demo and cross grade deadline?

Will there be a reset on the demo?
Is the cross grade deadline still the end of June?


If you have previously downloaded a trial of Dorico 1.0.30 or earlier, you can indeed download a new trial and have a new 30-day evaluation period. (But only one more.)

The crossgrade deadline has been extended to 30 September.

Thank you! My workload has been too heavy to move from Finale yet, but the day is coming…

I still need the drumset mapping more than anything, since I’m a drummer and I write drum books.
I will patiently wait a little more, though. I still trust you Daniel & Team, and I expect that it will be just fine, once it is done.
I’m starting my second 30-day evaluation, as I will have time to look at Dorico in July more than before.
Thanks for extending the deadline anyway, although there’s no doubt that I will buy Dorico.


Thanks for the info Daniel, as a small time Sibelius user (6.x) I’m planning to take the plunge when I upgrade my OS - the prospect of something that has been thought out afresh from the ground up is appealing. I’m not expecting the world but hoping some aspects will work more smoothly than I’m used to. I’d be very happy also to support an alternative to the 2 main players out there. Having longer to decide (30 Sep) helps a lot as it gives me time to upgrade and try the demo, though I’d be looking to buy fairly quickly rather than spending ages weighing up pros and cons. Thanks again.