New design of Pre-Filter section in Cubase 11.0.20

No, not at all.

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I gave up counting today when I reached a hundred clicks on these damn buttons.

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Is there a way to rethink this change and go back to how it was?


This is infuriating. I hope this is just temporary and is changed back on the next update.

Filters needed to be “touched” to be activated in 11, even when a default preset was loaded for them.

It’s just that in 11.0.20 they put the buttons for on/off there so we’re not clicking blind. I could see the logic behind this design if we were talking about a mixing desk where a dusty pot could keep the filter from bottoming out and disengaging, but I would prefer it much more if filters were ALWAYS active and they engaged by dragging the frequency.

Either that, or make a button that activates/deactivates ALL: Both PRE Filters, all 4 eq bands.

This is a typical case of a design decision that would greatly benefit from being subjected to a healthy debate in a public beta.

I’m very new to the whole sound/music/DAW territory, working mostly in animation, visual effects and film/video post. Most of the software vendors in those fields run public betas for months before release, and it’s of great benefit to the software.
Examples: Houdini, Unreal Engine, Lightworks, Fusion, DaVinci Resolve, Scratch. Even the Adobe behemoth allows you to install beta versions of their apps for quite some time, directly from the Creative Cloud hub.

Also, most of the apps above have easily accessible builds of the previous versions, allowing one to install previous versions at any time, either in parallel with the current one or as a replacement.

Such broad, complex production software with such a varied user base should be subjected to a lengthy public testing period before dropping the release. And previous builds should be available all the time for anyone who might need them.

This release management thing is the most disappointing experience for me in regards to Cubase.

I don’t have experience with other DAWs/vendors and I don’t know what are the common practices in this industry, but for someone used to critical production software in other fields, Steinberg’s approach feels very disconcerting.


Dancing with Steinberg is one step forward, one step sideways, and a step backward. You get somewhere, but it is not forward.

Well despite any issues, instability, bugs, bad changes - my Cubase provided me a car… which goes forwards.

Some noticed this issue with this version? see the transient in the video!


Agree, nicely put. The beta forum is well run and deep, but as you say, it would benefit greatly from wider public beta testing

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To me thats seems normal behavior in audio domain causing hp filter to change phase. If you want to get no/less transient use hp filter with linearphase EQ.
Also you can rule out if if its “issue” by doing the same with any other EQ and compare waveform.

I did the same with fab filter q3 and the peak was controlled, this is my opinion is insane

This should be revert as it was before.

TRy to change the eq/filter transition option. You probably have it set to soft which takes a longer time to pickup to avoid clicks.
Open your mixer and press the arrow button at the top right (mixer functions menu)- there youll find the option to change it.

Hopefully this gets reverted… I would have started my Cubase 11 use off this version potentially (already bought it) but, going to have to wait for 11.0.30.

perhaps there will be a 11.0.25 hot fix? likely not though