new desktop build please critique components


Bought a UR22MKII and I’m going to start off with the included Cubase AI but will probably upgrade to Cubase Artist at some point. Is there anything incompatible with these desktop components and the UR22MKII or Cubase AI?


I’m not sure how much of a problem it is, but the i7 7700k has heating issues, where one or more of the cores makes heating peaks, when the cpu is in idle mode. I’ve thought about buying the same cpu for my next build, but is in doubt about the cpu, because of the heating issues. Just make a google search, and you’ll get tons of hits on this. Intel has been very quite about the issue, saying that it is normal, when the cpu is “working” on something, what that is?!

But the issues also happens in idle mode??!

Other that this, it seems to be a pretty nice system. Unless you’re a gamer, and need the 1050 gfx card, I would buy a fanless / passive gfx card. What you’re paying for, is the 3D gaming performance, which probably is a little overkill for DAW / Windows usage.

I also like Corsairs PSU RM series. the fan doesn’t spin up, unless you up to about 50% watt usage, which is nice.

I’ll go with the Samsung 850 SSD’s, to save some money.

Fractal designs define S cabinet is also tested, to have very good airflow.

I would probably buy Noctua’s U15 cooler, especially if the cpu is getting hot. The 7700k is running very hot, and if there is a heating issue, a better cooler would be good to have.

Sorry, that I don’t have much knowledge about the soundcards. But I don’t see anything there could be wrong with the USB interfaces.