New Discovery...tutorials

What will seem to be the biggest common sense issue…it is something some people, especially me, never do. Today under the prompting Mr M, I actually watched the MIDI tutorial and then spent an hour at most, working a few tracks I had I inputted a few moths ago.
I was not only able to easily make some significant changes but also wound up experimenting with the chord track and seeing some vast improvements in the voicing of these tracks. Hard to admit its a dumb choice not reading the information included for the successful use of the product but I admit…I never was an instruction reader.

Thanks Mr M

Where are this tutorials? :blush:

They’ve been on the disks with shipped versions since Cubase5 In CB 7 there are links when you start the program if your daw is online

Otherwise they’re here

That’s right, I remember on the install disk in Cubase 5 that start section had all the tutorials. Now I just hit the subscribe button on YouTube

Ohhh those!



I never heard of it either and discovered it while in the key editor… What ? Chord Track? Presto, YouTube . That’s how it started and after several hours of clicking , I was a chord tracker. I discovered that the chord track sees options that you can listen to immediately without grabbing the guitar and voicing it. Sort of instant gratification and it does spur creativity when you hear it with a different chord.

I like it. You are always in control of your direction and choices. I agree that for non musical types it will get you through a few bars. But I really like the suggestions and potential alternatives. Although I did realize that there are so many more musical creations made by point and click. But , it is a different generation. Not my thing.

Kool thread.

Mahalo M,

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Somewhere a while back I realized that what I wanted to call a certain chord was more meaningful to me than what software might call it. I mean, if I think it’s a Cdim, and it is played between a C chord and a G chord in a song whose key is G … what good does it do me if the software identifies it as a D# dim, an Ebdim, an F#dim, or an Adim (all of which it technically could be named).

I think I’m getting more Luddite-ean as I move along. Just give me a wax cylinder and a piano and I’ll be fine … :slight_smile:

The good it does for you is to establish a reference or tonal center, nothing more. The tools in C7 just get things going quicker.indivual discretion and judgement is still the final answer.

I understand. I guess I have a way of writing that doesn’t leave me lacking the knowledge of a reference or tonal center, cool that there is something in there for everyone.

Yes it’s all indivdual. Just saying that newer tools are sometimes thought of as auto music generators and therefore put off older musicians from trying them . I’m talking about myself here. But then trying something like the chord track you can see that it can be a source of inspiration .

As far as tonal centers I work with groups that put down tracks in the song building process that are totally ambiguous Even my own music confuses me sometimes

Mr M, I think you said it better than I had originally posted. The key words on chord track are “source of inspiration” and I think you are talking about a few of us, myself included.

I can’t say enough about starting to read the manual. I’ve made a few changes to the computer, found that my computer performance is doing very well, got a few bus improvements and starting to get deeper into midi editing which is more easily accomplished.

Steve, no way you come off looking like some old guy. Old guys usually start having problems with their teeth :open_mouth:
…just kidding, I know that is right up your alley

I think it probably says something about my creative skills, and not flattering at that, but sometimes my biggest source of musical inspiration is when I hit the “wrong” keys, creating a chord that is TOTALLY out of key, and say, “Oooh, what’s that?? … I like it!”.

If you think about the times you may sit idle with the guitar on your lap doodling a few chords and different voicings, it is no different than creating a chord tracking and click doodling. The chord track however can develop greater levels of complexity by your command that might just create something to totally inspire the Jump- start mechanism in your brain, or not

For me, inspiration always comes at inopportune times so a few inspirational jabs at another time are always welcome. My playing today is so much more regimented as it is with other players whose music is jazz standards. There is no room for inspiration or improvisation with these guys as it is the kind of by the book stuff

It’s not until I am sitting alone or with 1 other friend and we banter back and forth that the experimentation starts or when I’m alone , I stare at the transport numbers advancing while it do nothing. Once it starts getting up there, I panic and stop the process (:

Doth one protest too much? :mrgreen:

Steve, you have come across something I don’t think I can verbalize…but here: I get these amazing complete scores in my head. They can be rock, jazz, tv soundtracks, musical type stuff…but I mean complete, full productions, including little fills, rolls, staccato, pizzicato , horns, strings, guitar leads, what ever it is, even timpani’s… I cannot get it out musically so I wish I had a serial port or USB in my neck to download it to the computer. Maybe this is where some really good point and click capabilities would come in handy.

Ain’t that weird ? I really do get your comments

That clenching and grinding thing is pretty universal. My dentist asked me if I grind my teeth and clench my jaw …I don’t know, I’m sleeping when it probably happens. I’ve also had TMJ problems about 7-8 years ago and thank goodness, that has let up considerably. I never had this crap when I was 35 as I got closer to 50 it all started

True…When I get home …POOF GONE. Since I am driving a lot for work and I live over 70 miles from the job…I spend TOO much time on the road adn it just adds to my frustrations and F this or that attitude on some days

Same here.

5.5 hours each weekend going to and from gigs.

So I sing/scat/hum ‘parts’/lyrics’ into my phone.

(and It works)

Just a suggestion, take a mic, put CB in record, and sing some of the lines that are in your head. Harmonize by tracking yourself or use those tools in C7 if yer lazy. Next, open in Variaudio, analyse and then export to midi … orchestrate to instruments of yer choice. Its a fun experiment. Might help releave the (obvious :laughing: ) strain in yer head too! :wink:

Steve, you need to upgrade! :laughing: