New Dongle Design

With the newly updated iLOK, you get a more robust and secure protection device that shouldn’t get damaged easily. Any chance that Steinberg could bring out a more solid dongle rather than the flimsy plastic one?

yeah def +1!

mine got cracked almost straight away, not even sure how it happened…

had to wrap the poor thing in insulation tape…

I put super glue in all the seams of the dongle, and where the plastic meets the metal, and let the glue flow inside.

Those things should have a pass through USb port in the end of them. This way you could stack more than one key in the same USB port. I for example use different keys for Steinberg software and Vienna libraries.

Why don’t you just put your Vienna licenses on your SB dongle. I have all mine on 1 key and it saves me much needed USB ports.

It’s crazy that a £500+ piece of software is reliant on such a flimsy piece of plastic.
Mine fell apart a couple of months ago. The dongle was still in the USB port, but the plastic casing was on the floor, exposing the circuitry. I clipped it together, but it still kept falling apart. Eventually I just taped it together. :unamused:


I really like Propellerhead’s Ignition Key. It’s chassis is entirely aluminum and comes with a nice silicone protecting sleeve.
Ignition Key.jpg
And here’s the best part:

Should you lose your Ignition Key, you will be able to order a replacement from the Propellerhead Online Store at a nominal fee. While waiting for your replacement you will of course be able to continue working by using Internet authorization.

And yes your license will still be valid!

Plus it’s about time Pace redesigned their key, it’s a little monster.
All Three.jpg

We should forget any other suggestion but this. Best. Solution. Period.

Because I use Cubase at home & at work and I have the key always with me, but the libraries stay at one place. They are too expensive.



Mines held together with tape at the moment.

If all you guys quit playing with yer Dongles they wouldn’t fall apart. :teef:

Got mine wrapped in tape too!

I’d pay a small amount for a more robust device.

My broke up a week after purchase. I’ve always been curious about what would happen if someone stole it from me. Steinberg should figure out how to register, which is secured to the case like that.

You can register your Cubase at (you already must have done that, as you´re permitted to write in our forum) , and if you lose your dongle and the licence is registered to your name, you only have to buy an empty dongle and they will send you another activation code. I have seen several cases of that. So your licence will not get lost.
Certainly that might be one reason, why we are forced now to register our software, before being able to use the forum.

All the best.


Old keys are blacklisted and are not eligible for upgrades, so if there is a key that is stolen it can only be used in the current lifecycle.

To me that’s the next best thing to the propellerhead system.

I recently lost mine.

(A newer key, but they never mentioned to me that there was any technical difference in applying the rule below.)

They told me at STeinberg USA, that the rule is: you only get one replacement activation code once in a lifetime.
(the key you have to purchase either on line from them or from a music store for approx. $30)

They don’t warranty the physical key, if it breaks you pay.
If you return it, they give you a courtesy activation for a newly purchased key (maybe they send you one in a broken case where it shows no sign of physical duress, just fell apart at the seams, so to say).

They rec. that you fully insure it. That doesn’t work for me as: 1 - my deductible is $500, 2 - that creates a down time to collect from an insurance company.

I like the iLok yearly $30 insurance policy that gives you immediate 24/7 temporary re-authorization on line if you have a backup key on hand (I do) and a free replacement after you send it back and it’s verified that it doesn’t work (for whatever reason).

Even my $29 bluetooth earpiece comes with a 1 yr warranty.

I DO LIKE THE PROPELLOR HEAD KEY DESIGN which also includes a keychain loop! - for those that dare to take it on the go.

(I prefer my solution suggestion posted on a separate thread called:
" A ‘lite’ ver of Cubase for registered owners on the go."

But an improved key design would be welcome nevertheless.
If you can build a fine car like the Mercedes in Germany, you should be able to build a nice key there as well.
Be proud of your workmanship!

el profe, LG

That’s because i-lok isn’t worth the firmware it’s printed in.

Regarding propellerhead, did anyone actually think who makes it um… was it once called “Syncrosoft”?!

As for an OTG version of cubase, it already exists and it’s name is Sequel.

What??? Kock doesn’t have a Dongle??? Isn’t that a physical impossibility? :wink: :mrgreen:

I Remember that I started A Topic on the Old Forum About Dongle’s With Steal housing
and other Dongle related Products
Stuff Like Travel Cases DVD Boxes that can Also Hold A Dongle Inside
And even Gear that has there own covered up USB Hub Inside them to keep your dongles Safe

Look till so far I love the Dongle Protection Far above any other Protection
I do not even have to read the license Agreement to understand that That the product will only run on the system where the license key is connected to and that when my System would fail I just get A new system … Plug it in and I am ready to go
Unlike some other methods Like C/R
The worst once are probably those that you can only activate A number of Times (Like Automap Pro)
And the most screwed up are Serial numbers … Especially the once that seem to be the same with every copy of the product