New dongle goodness

I’ve been using my original 1st gen Steinberg dongle since 2002, and I figured after 15 years of use it deserved retirement, so I bought a new one (the small 4th generation version).

Moving the licenses was thankfully a doddle, and afterwards I noticed that on loading E-licenser the licenses were read in about half the time as before. And then when I started Cubase after a computer restart, the program loaded after 20 seconds, and on subsequent program starts loads in just 10 seconds. It had been taking around 45 seconds with the old dongle.

I was aware that the new dongle had a faster processor but I thought I had seen threads where it was said that in practise one would probably notice little or no difference changing to a newer one. For me the difference in start up times is very marked. I’m wondering if others have had the same experience… whatever i am happy I upgraded. :smiley: