New dongle - OMF and Halion 3.x licenses?

I just bought a shiny new small licensing dongle to replace my REALLY old big one (I’ve used since Cubase since ~1.0). I registered it on MySteinberg, and moved all the licenses using eLicensor Control Center (v Works fine, but I’m confused about a couple of discrepancies, and not sure if I should sweat it or not.

On eLicensor Control, my new dongle shows that it has licenses for Dorico SE, Cubase Pro 10.5, and Halion 3.x (24 starts remaining on Halion). But, on MySteinberg, it shows that the new dongle has Cubase and “dac Dorico SE” (not sure what the “dac” means), but not Halion. MySteinberg also shows that the old dongle still has a license for OMF (registered in 2008) and says “Warning: this USB-eLicenser contains a license that enables the usage of VST Transit. Deleting this USB-eLicenser from the account blocks full access to an available VST Transit account.” The OMF license doesn’t show at all in eLicensor Control, so I can’t move it to the new dongle. So, my questions are:

1 - Why do I have a limited Halion 3 license, and why does it show in eLC but not mySteinberg? Is this something that came as a trial license with Cubase or Dorico SE? Should I care that it doesn’t show in mySteinberg?
2 - What is the OMF license about, should I care about it and, if so, how should I move it to the new dongle
3 - Any reason not to throw the ugly old dongle away?

BTW, I’ve done the maintenance sync on eLc several times.

The HALion license is just a demo/trial license and those are not shown in MySteinberg. You must have received the activation code for it with some other product
The OMF license is still on the old USB-eLicenser and was used back in the Cubase SX days. With Cubase Pro 10.5 (and the previous versions), OMF is included in the main license and you do not need to move it to the new one anymore.
I’d keep the old USB-eLicenser in case of a Steinberg Zero Downtime request in case the new USB-eLicenser gets lost or becomes defective.

BTW, “DAC” means Download Access Code. It seems that you have received the license via such a code.

Thanks, Ed.