New Dorico Installation

What is the fastest way to backup ALL my current preferences (including keyboard shortcuts and so on), if I have to re-install Dorico ?

Does the library manager (“Export Library…”) backup the application preferences ?


The Library Manager isn’t concerned with application data, but rather with settings (options, and library items) within projects.

You can back up 99% of your user settings by making a copy of the Dorico 5 folder in the user-level application data folder. On Mac, that’s at /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5. On Windows, you can get there in Windows Explorer by typing %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 5 into the address bar.

Be careful when you copy this to another computer that the preferences.xml file contains a full path to the location where Dorico will create auto-save files, and this location is inside your user folder, so if your new computer has a different user account name or otherwise uses a different file structure, this won’t work, and you should manually check it before you run the application on the new computer after copying the settings over.


Ideally, whatever general backup strategy you have should be backing up those folders anyway. On a Mac, just let Time Machine backup your whole disk. I’m sure Windows has a similar backup utility.

And unless you’re installing on a “clean” volume, re-installing doesn’t usually delete old prefs. (In fact, for troubleshooting, deleting prefs is a better practice than reinstalling the app, which is likely to be unchanged.)

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I’m brand new to the forum and cannot make new posts. :roll_eyes: Since my question involves New Dorico Installation, I’ll piggyback onto this post. I’ve searched everywhere for an answer to this simple question without success. Here we go…

I bought, downloaded, and installed Dorico Elements 5, with all the optional stuff, using the Steinberg Download Manager (See attached screenie.) Problem is, I can’t launch the program since I have no clue where it is. According to the Windows 11 search bar, it isn’t even installed. So what do I do to get up and running?

So if you type Dorico in the search bar you should see this

If you want to look for the executable directly you should find it here

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Steinberg Dorico 5

Yes, I see the Dorico 5 App, but I’m using Elements, not Dorico Pro (DP). The only DP on my machine is the trial version.

The release you are using depends just on the license, the executable is completely identical.

You should start the Activation Manager and there you see the release you have a license for. Click on Activate on the right hand side and that will allow you to launch Dorico as Elements release.

In case there is still a Dorico Pro Trial activated you can click on Deactivate for the Trial, which makes sure you launch the correct release.

I think I’ve figured it out. I did deactivate the Dorico Trial Version and also activated the Elements one. When I launched a test template, the License Not Found error popped up when the program tried to instantiate the Halyion 7 plug-in.

Since I received just the one DAC (Download Access Code) from Sweetwater, I used it. It seemed to work.

I’ve read complaints from customers that some of these software packages are over-engineered as a way to protect their stuff from being pirated. Can’t blame them, but it also keeps potential buyers away, not wanting the hassle.

Thanks for the help, brother! I’ll dive in and hopefully not run into any more issues. Well, as soon as I take a nap that is. Gotta keep my priorities straight. :sleeping_bed:

HALion 7 is not the same as HALion Sonic. HALion 7 requires a license. HALion Sonic comes with Dorico.


Well, it says Halyion 7. Most likely, it’s a lure to get folks to buy it.

Perhaps, but you should uninstall HALion 7 from your machine if you do not want to be bothered by the error/warning message when you use Dorico.