New Dorico PDF Manual very slow to display

The new Dorico PDF manual is great! It is however very… slow in Adobe Acrobat. I have a new Mac Pro with tons of RAM and a super video card, and even so it takes 10-15 seconds to display a single page. Any suggestions?


Use a more efficient PDF Viewer? I have Preview, Foxit Reader and PDFPen Pro, and it’s instantaneous on a Mac Mini 2018.

Of course, it may be indicative of some other problem on your Mac. It’s only a 30 Mb PDF, which even Acrobat should handle fine.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I does work better with Preview, though as you say, it is not that large a file, and I do not have this problem with Acrobat and other large PDF files. Anyway…

That’s odd - I had the opposite problem with the manual a few versions back: in Preview, it was dreadfully slow, and I had to use Adobe Acrobat; the later versions have been fine in Preview. I know this doesn’t answer your question/issue, but just fuel for a confusing fire…