New Dorico Pro 3.5 user, no sound yet

Send me elsewhere if this is the wrong forum, but I’m a new user with Dorico Pro3.5. Version downloaded and installed, and the 9GB sounds downloaded and installed. But no sound when I load the Rameau demo project, and click play in the play tab.
Dorico (443.0 KB)

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Welcome to the forum, @Cause_Moe. Please take a look at the troubleshooting video to see if that gets you up and running. If not, please come back and let us know what you’ve tried.

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Thank you.

Some things in the video seem out of date. The 2 downloads in the video didn’t show in my download assistant, there was only one file to download an installer for the sounds, so I hope I did that correctly. Instance(s) of Halion appear under “VST Instruments” and a solo piano now plays OK, but Rameau is still broken. A possible solution in the video at 5:17 isn’t available from my Play menu. There’s no “Apply Default Playback Template …”. Where might that be in 3.5.12?

Also, my speakers’ device properties doesn’t support 44100 Hz ( which surprises me), so I set Halion to 48000. I think that works.

Preferences > Play > Playback Template.

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OK, I found that, so which default playback template should I choose?

Mine is set to HSSE+HSO (Pro), and the Rameau demo project plays back OK.
You might like to try them all and see if there are any differences.

Thanks. HSSE (SE) works, and now Rameau plays. My own project is still silent, so I’m going back to Sibelius and maybe I’ll try again in a few days.

If your speakers only allow a sample rate of 48kHz, that’s no problem. Just go ahead and use that and you’ll be fine.
In regards to your own, not sounding project. Have you tried there as well reapplying the default template? In Play mode choose from the menu ‘Play > Playback Template’ and then in the dialog the
‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ template.
How about any other new project that you begin, do they sound on playback?

If you get sound from the HSSE (SE) playback template but not the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template, it suggests that the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds aren’t installed. If you run Steinberg Library Manager, do you see HALion Symphonic Orchestra appear in the list of installed content?