New Dorico user here

hello everyone,
A new Dorico user here, this must be my very first post here. I started to use Dorico about 6 months and gradually-poco a poco- it became my main engraving software after 25 of Finale-addiction. Recently I edited an old orchestral Finale score and remembered the pain. Anyway, I learn few things everyday I believe in a year I’ll master Dorico : )
Of course, few things confuse me and even annoy me but Dorico is good, and with any future updates things will be brighter. Not so difficult to switch actually, it’s 20-30 new things to learn. I run in on a trashcan mac, mojave, 64GB ram; sometimes it lags with big-ish scores but no complain, we need short breaks to stretch.


Welcome to the Dorico forum @GagarinMoore! It is worth mentioning that one of the many huge benefits of Dorico is the ready availability of help on this forum. So… if/when you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here and you will discover many extremely competent users (I’m not including myself in that category) and development team members who are ready and willing to give help with big and small problems when needed.


Welcome to the forum! Just a word of advice if you’re coming from being a long-time Finale user. Resist the temptation to start manually manipulating things – learn about all the available options, select those that match what you’re trying to accomplish, and let Dorico to most of the work. Layout Options, Notation Options, Engraving Options properly set will save you TONS of manual override work and hours time (not to mention frustration). It will probably take a year to get fully comfortable with Dorico, but ultimately it’s worth the investment to learn the program fully. Watch lots of videos, do the First Steps tutorial, and forget EVERYTHING you know about any other engraving software.


Welcome! You’ll find lots of old Finale users here.

I’d echo the sentiments above – Dorico’s golden rules are: try to work less; and work from the global to the particular. There’s usually always a better way than manually moving each thing.

And if you get stuck, I hear there’s a very friendly forum where you can ask for help.