New download not seen by license - or by Steinberg!

I’ve just upgraded from Cubase Elements to Cubase Pro. On a laptop with Windows 10.

Confusion began when purchasing, using the credit card method, and I used a debit card.
The Steinberg website said the purchase had failed, but the bank paid and all was fine. I got an email receipt from Steinberg for the purchase, with the Activation Code.

I downloaded the program, installed it all, then tried to open it. The code was requested, but when I put it in, I get a window saying ‘No License to Upgrade Selectable’.
Cubase 9.5 doesn’t appear in the options on the licence key…

I opened the eLicense Control Centre and performed Maintenance. All OK.
But only my previous Cubase Elements is seen. Still no sign of Cubase 9.5, even though it’s installed on the laptop.

I went back to the site and looked at My Account. It only shows my purchase of Cubase Elements, even though my bank has acknowledged purchase, and my receipt from Steinberg is not imagined. So I can’t even request a new key to try.

Any ideas?


“No license to upgrade” means the upgrade your trying to apply doesn’t correspond to the license you already have, so check that first of all.

The license I have is for version of Cubase Elements. It is the only one the laptop recognises.
Am I supposed to transfer the key from Cubase Elements to the new 9.5 purchase? I don’t know how to do that.

It can be confusing but once done it’s not anymore.

You’ve purchased an upgrade from Elements to Pro. The Elements license is usually a ‘soft’ license that doesn’t require the dongle. So - I think - in the eLicense Control Center you have to select that soft license first, then hit the the button to enter the activation code. The Elements license should be seen as an upgradable license, get upgraded to Pro and get transfered to the dongle automatically.
Without the Elements license, the Pro license won’t work as it’s not the brandnew full license but dependent on an existing license for Elements.

Once upgraded/activated the Pro license should get visible in your Steinberg account. Before it’s on the dongle (registered for you in ‘My Steinberg’), the upgrade license is generic and could be used by anyone having an Elements license present, i.e. you could buy it for someone else).

The license upgrade itself is independent from whether you have Pro already installed or not as this is just a dongle operation.

Hope this helps, don’t give up :wink:

You need to transfer your Elements license to the USB-eLicenser before it can be upgraded.

Thanks for the help and advice.
I’ve worked out what I need to do… except that in the eLicenser Control Center there is only the Soft-eLicenser (which contains the Cubase Elements license, and no USB-eLicenser ‘box’ to drag the license into.

I know I need to do this first, as when I put the Cubase Pro code into it, I’m told I need to move it to the USB-eLicenser first.

BUT… how do I get the USB-eLicencer to appear in the Control Center?


Just to rule out the obvious…

You do have the USB dongle plugged into a USB port right?

When I upgraded to Cubase Pro, nothing was mentioned about needing a dongle…
Maybe they assume that I’d know I would need a dongle.

Where would I get it from?

Will it be in the post?

Pardon me for being so stupid, but I tend to be quite literal and follow instructions where possible.


I see I do need to buy a dongle… :frowning:
That will leave me with only one other USB port… for the mouse or the USB sound card… which one will have to go?!

A whole different topic.

Oh dear.

Thanks for everyone’s help.


It is very clearly stated at the Steinberg Webshop “Additional USB-eLicenser required”
If you bought it as digital download, then the dongle is not included.
You can buy it from the Steinberg Webshop or from Retailers that sells Cubase.

Here you can buy a Steinberg key:

You can use a USB hub for your mouse and dongle. I use one for Ilok and Steinberg key.

Thanks again everyone.
Great help.
Purchases sorted.