New drive and motherboard installed -- I’m not getting any signal in my mixer

I’ve just had a new drive and motherboard installed and for some reason I’m not getting any signal in my mixer (and therefore no sound)

Plenty of signal recorded but nothing happening in the mixer.

I’m sure it’s a routing thing, but as I haven’t changed anything I don’t know what to try …



yeah I am sure it is a routing thing too.

so if you are asking for help that would be the helpful information to give, not a picture of a mixer and sequence window without any routing information

so I take it you have recorded these waveforms since you post them?

but what soundcard? which asio driver? do you use the stereo out or the control room?

Hi - you were right - the person who had changed my hardware setup had changed the asio driver. Now restored to its former glory. Thank you for your help!