new DSP FX capabilities?

Short question - do we have any chance of seeing new FX being added to the UR - DSP ?

I am writing this as I use my UR44 as standalone a great deal, but always felt I’m missing out on a Delay FX. So I wonder, is it possible (for you Steinberg) to add extra functionality in future firmware? I feel it’s such a simple thing that has been left out, that would really make the FX unit complete… Thankful for any answer

Two months - not a single answer or even speculation, even from the mods.


Steinberg has the best customer support & service ever :slight_smile: , NO I’m kidding! And no one in charge reads here. I don’t even believe there are Steinberg driver developers, probably they are hiring freelance coders from India or China for a short amount of time. That’s because MAC & PC version of their drivers are not working properly neither.

Btw answer to your question will be probably no, because even RME does not add any effects to their software racks with their DSP’d interfaces, it may be possible but a huge burden and new bugs for the developers (!).