New e-Licencer: How to make it work?

**Hello! **

My e-Licencer broke the other day, so I had to buy a new one. How to I transfer my licences to the new e-Licencer? Tried to make a search, but Im not quite safe about how I do it the right way.

Do I do it trough the licenser-software og trough my Steinberg-accout page?

Thanks for any replies!

Just plug both dongles in, run the ELC, drag and drop to move.

Then use the registration menu in the ELC to register your new dongle in your account.

Thanks for the reply!

The broken dongle is…broken. In pieces. So it is not possible to connect the old dongle to the USB-plug. I only got the new bough dongle.

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Ah! Assuming you registered the old dongle, you should use Steinberg Zero Downtime


Just did! But under “My account” and “My Products” it only says “Cubase AI 7” ? What happened to my Cubase 11 Pro and other products…?

Just did what?

Used “Steinberg Zero Downtime”

Sounds like you haven’t registered the dongle into your account? Do you have another steinberg account that you may have registered it to?

If you never registered it, you can’t use zero downtime - so may need to contact support in this instance, not a clue what they can do for you though, sorry.

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How is it with Steinberg and answering e-mails? Have been waiting three days for a reply and nothing. Is there another way?