(New EBM track) Danger Zone

Hi fellows, here is my new composition, an EBM style one: https://soundcloud.com/rachma334/danger-zone

I need your feedback on the speed of the piece, is it too slow (this speed was intended, but sometimes I think I should have speeded it up a bit more)? Is it good?



Tempo wise a little faster may be good, but bear in mind I am into fast dance music (Think Happy Hardcore / Jungle!)

Sound choices are nice, for me in my own opinion the mix seems a little out of balance the higher pitched melodic elements could be louder and the bass and percussion a bit quieter. May be with a side chain so the melodic parts pump around the rhythm a bit.

I like the industrial sound you have achieved.

Nice work


Thanks Ben! I agree with you about the percussion being too strong.

Here is an other EBM track, less focused on percussion: https://soundcloud.com/rachma334/one-shot

The tempo seems okay to bring heaviness to the track. Here the bass/drums sounded weak, it’s a soundcloud thing or it’s intended?

Hi Nathan.
Yes in my second composition the weak drums was intended, had a discussion about how the drums was too loud on my first composition on an other forum, and for the bass, I should have loaded the same preset.

An other track, more dance-ish still EBM. I kinda like the kicks/snares on this one: https://soundcloud.com/rachma334/dance-off

Hello, I would like to get some feedback.