New EDM project

New project I’m working on in Cubase 8

Quite like this. The structure is well done for the genre. Mix good. The “popcorn” arpegg in the intro and other places (around the one minute mark) could have done with a few triplets in it to add interest (Chris Franke style sequencing).
I thought you could have used a string layer too, for instance around the 4 minute mark, just to support the build up/breakdown.

Good feedback ThnX, I’ll look into that maybe I do the triplets with the delay to have them bounce around a bit, where would you put the extra synth layer? The lead stab is already 3 layers and there is a nice ahhh in there, which isn’t really there, want to be careful to preserve that.

Delay may do the job fine, but a few triplets in the arpegg on the 4th beat of the bar in each loop may be more ear-grabbing. This is not a “plug” but if you listen to my top arp on “Lava Seas” between 0:30 - 1:15, you’ll get where I’m coming from.
Love the unexpected instrument choice around 1:45.
if it was me I’d add strings around 3:30, but that would be my choice, although I can hear a high freq “pad or stab” once the main comes back in.
again, it’s a good, solid track

Did you take it down?

Sorry yes, it’s with labels at the moment

And we just landed Beatport…-quest/1551660

And Juno
The Quest by Caleb Golston on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

And Spotify

Amongst a few hundred other stores, I can’t be asked to mention here, but it has never been easier to be out there.