New El Capitan drivers - what's the verdict?

I am still on Yosemite; both due to Cubase 8 and the dropout drivers.
I will upgrade to 8.5 anyway, but can’t if there are still dropouts with the new drivers.

So, what’s the verdict?

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I’m also wondering this, as usual, nothing from steinberg!

I haven’t experienced any more dropouts since installing the v1.9.7 drivers, at least here on 10.11.1. Now that it’s working I’m feeling rather cautious about Apple’s recent El Capitan 10.11.2 update.

I waited with upgrading to El Cap.

Did so last Friday, so far not a single issue.

Last night I updated OS X to 10.11.2, then updated the driver to 1.9.7. Two hours of playing this morning and no dropouts. So far so good! I’ll give it a little more testing tomorrow (some 24/96 stuff).

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