New Electrovoice 1200W sub added

Hi gang - I would think this is in the right group as it is studio hardware.

Been sick for the past several months and getting sicker BUT just got my EV 1200W sub from Sweetwater hooked up this morning in my music-room (24’X32’ - purchased it several months ago). Doodled with Cubase 10 some; have missed it a lot. This thing ROCKS the shop!! I hope it runs the 4 racoons outta my attic!! Certainly hoping it doesn’t rattle my fillings out!

I’m a gnoob (I admit it, but we all had to start somewhere - I’ll make it easy on you; I’m not going to ask where middle C is :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:) so not going to bother you all with a bunch of stupid questions but I CAN read well. Is there documentation somewhere in Cubase that would guide me how to laydown a basic 2/3 instrument in Cubase? Like a split keyboard that can use this new sub in the bottom split and then some synth tracks in the upper split?..

Thanks for the read,

It looks like you want to use only the sub for the bottom split. If that’s what you want to do then that’s not really a “normal” way to work or set things up. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you.

oh well. Thanks MattiasNYC

You could probably get more help if you were more specific in what you wanted to achieve, technically and artistically…