New Elements Use: Confused about Project Folder

Hi. New Cubase Elements 8 user. (Would love to upgrade to Pro, but too expensive for now.)
I am confused about the Project Folder.

On my E: drive I created a folder called E:\Cubase Projects.

In the Steinberg Hub, I have the “Use Default Location” selected. And I have that set as E:\Cubase Projects.

So let’s say in the Hub, I enter “Blues Tune” in the Project Folder box and click Create Empty.

All it does (and is supposed to do I think) is create a new Project Folder called “Blues Tune” in my E:\Cubase Projects folder and opens Cubase. I still need to SAVE and name the new Cubase song project that will go in that Project folder, correct? That’s a little confusing because in other DAW created the project folder AND same titled song file in one step.

That’s the way it works. I’m sure feature requests have been submitted for what you want but I can’t seem to find any due to the crappy search function. Search for yourself in the “Feature Requests and Suggestions” section and if you can’t find any to vote with, submit a new one. I’ll vote for it… again. :wink:

My workflow is to immediately save the project after it opens with the song name (which is always the folder name).

Regards :sunglasses:

Agreed, that would be nice too. I’m cool with it if I understand it I guess. I was just ending up with stuff everywhere.

While I have you, are all the settings in the project window made to a track pre-fader on the ones on the mixer post-fader?

My friend’s Cubase has a big master fader channel and monitor function. I guess Elements don’t come with that.
Also, I though I could widen the channels in the mixer with G and H key, no?

Overall, I am liking Cubase. Reminds me of a product built by engineers. A little confusing at first, but if you learn it the sophisticated elegance becomes apparent.