new elicenser has no connect

i downloaded actual elicenser,but error … no connect to server.

March 2, 2017 · 62.4 MB
eLicenser Control Center
2017-03-03 00_13_53-elicenser.png

Same problem here. Bought two licenses to Cubase 9 and cannot activate them due to no connection to eLicense server. Downloaded most recent version of eLicenser app no change. Multiple workstations affected with different USB licensers. Seems the server is having issues.

Others are having similar issues. The Steinberg server must be down.

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Is there a way to check if the server is actually down? I’m having cannot connect error on multiple computers at home, but not sure if the actually server is down or if this is my software/connection issue… Steinberg really need to do better with this eLicenser stuff… very frustrating.