NEW Elicenser

Could not post on the actual new elicenser announcement so here it is. After installing the NEW elicenser, which seemed to go O.K. I attempted to start Cubase 6 (and all my other Steinberg products: Cubase 5, Hypersonic, the grand,etc.) all of them reset so i have to go through and “find” ALL the content again for everything, trashed ALL the preferences including auido settings. and basically is “semi-locking up” the pc when trying to navigate though Steinberg apps. (jittey mouse, no responce when clicking) Have done nothing else to cause this problem. All was fine. Has anyone else had this happen?

Is there a new eLicenser?! Reading your post has made me a bit scared to install it, but at this point in time I can’t open the licence control center at all and cubase won’t load past the eLC portion of the load. This all happened after Vista made some updates. Ugh. I thought I set Windows to never update but I guess I didn’t.

Either way, the eLicenser website’s latest version is from September 14, 2011. I need something NEWER or I’ll have to continue to restore windows to an earlier point in time.

This is getting quite annoying…