New Engineer - Nashville TN - Folk Track

Hey everyone,

Glad this is here to share work. My intention here is to get other sets of ears on various projects I have recorded and get your opinion and maybe even tips etc. I am based out of Nashville Tennessee USA and have a typical home studio. As a local bass player I have lots of opportunities to record various artists/styles which I think is going to be invaluable.

Here is a recording I did recently with a Nashville based artist Kiely Schlesinger. She has quite a powerful voice and is very easy to record. (This was my first attempt at recording stand up bass and violin.)

Happy listening!


Gear List:
Mackie Onyx 1640 - Preamps
Mackie SDR 2496 - Converters
RME 9652 - Sound Card
Cubase 7.5

Hi, the forum is also here for you to listen and maybe comment on other muso’s work :slight_smile:
having said that I welcome you to the forum and I think you will get more listens if we don’t have to download something.
Soundcloud or Bandcamp would be good :wink:
I look forward to having a listen to your music when I don’t have to download a file :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Sorry about that! I just realized the hassle. I’ll get that uploaded asap. Thanks for the advice!



I don’t have any experience recording since I only use VST’s so my opinion just comes from a listeners perspective. I enjoyed the track a lot anyway. Great writing, vocal performance, arrangement and the production is also very satisfying. The only small criticism I have is the violin could perhaps have a very slight volume boost at the parts when she holds a note at the end of a phrase. The violin performance is really nice though, nothing overstating, adds a lot of emotion to an already emotional vocal performance. Other than that, an enjoyable listen, well done. (y) <— thumbs up.