New Eucon Adapter when??

The new update of Cubase 8 didn’t bring a new Eucon Adapter. This is still the biggest issue for me regarding Cubase.
Couldn’t we at least have the link between the mixer in the software and the MC Control/Mix, so hidden channels will be hidden on both surfaces? :frowning:
Working with a orch. Template with 100 hidden channels out of 200, gives you 100 channels to go through that are not important in the arrangement.

I totaly agree with you.

I have two Artist Mix controllers and got the feeling, that from 7.5 to 8 the integration decreases…but we have to keep in mind: they got the Nuage Controller coop with Yamaha, and Avid is a competitor…i don’t think, that Steinberg will use much manpower to integrate a product of a competitor, when they work on their own thing…saddly… :cry:

I Don’t think there any hidden agenda to oust eucon out of the Steinberg realms, there’s no way the huge amounts of the average cubase user could stump up the fees for a Nuage

A decent controller from Steinberg and Yamaha that’s accessible to the average user at an affordable price is way overdue. The CMC series seem to leave a lot to desire when it come a to third party plugin control and the Houstan was seemingly not a commercial success or they would never have dropped it from production.

The success of other controllers such as Mackie, Icon, Nektar and the upcoming Behringer X Touch (due to be released in June demonstrate the markets are there, just can’t understand why a low cost one based on the Nuage OS hasn’t been released.

Maybe SB/Yammy will suprise us all at the upcoming Frankurt Messe… :unamused:

YES! Steinberg PLEASE implement this feature. I think it has just come to Pro Tools with the latest Eucon version and it would be sooo good to see this in Cubase.