New EUCON-Controller

There’s a new controller coming soon, which can be used for Nuendo, and several other important DAWs…
Interested in how deep the integration into Nuendo will be, the website only mentions N5.5.



You’re right, the new Avid-Stuff looks a bit overprized on a first sight. But you get control over more than just one DAW, Nuage and the WK-Audios are Nuendo-Only. And that is de facto not what I want. Either in Avid nor in Steinberg direction. And propably that’s worth the 10k more.
The Avid Artist Concept seems like a quite good solution, but the faders, the jogwheel and transport buttons are terrible imo.
The Avid S3 looks like a great surface, so they should add the Artist-Touchscreen and a transport section to this.

Has anybody tried this V-Control Pro?
Propably I just should add this to my MCU (whose faders and transport section I really like), and have a proper solution with a couple of faders and a modern touchscreen which allows me to control everything, including plugins, automation and surroundpanning.

Maybe I misunderstood, but can’t Nuage control Pro Tools?

EDIT: I just read the other Nuage thread, will check the manual.


What Protocol is used for the SSL Nucleus and/or Smart AV Tango?